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Amazing Studios, Raleigh-Durham’s Premier Video Production company, travels to locations across the USA to help our clients tell their stories, strengthen their brand, engage, and influence their audience.  That’s why we like to say we are a local video production company with a really big back yard.  Our clients get the same level of personalized service, the same dedication to excellence, and the same amazing results no matter where they are located.

The truth is, we are very fortunate.  Past clients have recognized the quality of our video work and the resulting impact on their audiences, and have invited us to travel to where their business stories take place.  Of course, we couldn’t be happier.

Here are a few examples of recent clients who have hired Amazing Studios to produce their videos on location.

Video Production at The Lodge at Torrey Pines, San Diego, California

video production lodge torrey pines in san diego california

axis capitalOver the years we’ve developed an awesome working relationship with the team at Axis Capital who have invited us to document the proceedings of their annual brokers conference for the last several years.

One of those years, the conference was held at The Lodge in Torrey Pines in San Diego, California.  It is no doubt a beautiful location for a conference – or any event for that matter, but when we are on location we are hard at work and actually have little time to enjoy our surroundings.

We video tape the proceedings of the conference day and night, spend the late night editing our work and adding graphics and titles to produce an overview of the day’s event.  Then, we get up and do it all again the next day until we have enough footage to produce the official “Conference In Review” final video.  Along with capturing the proceedings day in and day out, we always work with our clients to fit in opportunities to capture ancillary shots or segments they can use for other purposes.  It is seriously hard work and we are happy to work the long hours because, in the end, the folks at Axis have been very pleased with the results.

We have also produced conference in review videos for the Annual Axis Conferences in:

  • Mission Valley Inn & Spa in Sonoma Valley, California
  • Hyatt Regency at Lake Tahoe, Nevada
  • Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Beach, California

Here in 2012 we are already scheduled to head out to California this August to repeat our amazing video work at the Axis conference.

Pictures from Some Exotic On Location Video Productions

We shot a TV pilot at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

We video taped a conference at the Laguna Niguel Ritz Carlton in California

Our video producers were on hand to capture a conference at Amelia Island in Florida

Video Production Amelia Island, Florida and Charleston, South Carolina

Amazing Studios travels the east coast as well to help meet the the needs of our clients. Here’s a sample of a conference in review video we produced in 2010 in Charleston, South Carolina.  We had the privilege of doing a very similar work for this client in Amelia Island, Florida as well.

There you go, a small sampling of the work Amazing Video has produced at remote locations for our clients.  You can see more of our work on our video portfolio.

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Mike co-founded Amazing Video Creations in 1995 after serving in the US Air Force where he was an Avionics Specialist on the F-15E Strike Eagles. He's always been interested in video and welcomed the chance to do it full time. Mike is originally from Florida and still likes watching the Gators. Mike is blessed with a wonderful wife Michele and two great son's and they are members of Piney Grove Baptist Church. They enjoy putting the top down on their '91 Mustang and cruising!

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  1. I had no idea you guys travel that far, that often. I think that’s great! Go Amazing Video!

  2. Yes we travel when and wherever the client needs us to go. It means a lot to us because we know they could use someone local to their destination but they would rather bring us with them.

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