No Matter the Miles

Children’s Flight of Hope
What started as a show opener for an annual fundraiser turned into a sweet and meaningful brand piece for an impactful nonprofit organization. Crafted entirely with computer-generated imagery, this piece invokes feelings of nostalgia and hope.

With their annual fundraiser coming up, Children’s Flight of Hope wanted a ‘show opener’ video that would communicate their mission in a meaningful way at the beginning of the event. 

While its purpose began as the show opener, as the creative concepting progressed, we felt it had the makings of a wonderful brand piece for the organization. 

Children’s Flight of Hope provides much-needed air travel to families of children who need specialized care that they cannot receive locally.

With this in mind, we decided to tap into the nostalgia and wonder of childhood by incorporating toy planes into the piece, alluding to what the organization does.

This was an effort to bring up the joys of childhood while invoking compassion for the challenges these children and families face.

In order to accomplish what we had in mind, we decided to create the piece within an entirely computer-generated world. In the digitally built home, we added personal photos of the children into the world, adding them to picture frames on walls, counters, and bookshelves. 

Even though it was computer generated, we wanted the space to feel lived in so we added personal touches. Children’s artwork, mail and papers on surfaces and cards from loved ones all helped communicate this. 

Next to each child’s photo were various types of toy planes, as unique as each child. We established these scenes with a meaningful voiceover about the non-profit’s work. 

We also established a globe that sits upon a coffee table in another room which at first may seem insignificant but later adds to the crescendo of the piece.

Here’s where the importance of the CGI world comes into play. The build and climax of both the voiceover and the video begins as each little plane starts up. Small propellers begin to move and the toy planes roll forward, ready for takeoff. Something we could only accomplish in a CGI world.

They finally do take off from every scene and fly out of frame. 

At first, the viewer doesn’t know that they have a destination. 

Finally, we see the planes arrive in a living room, where the globe rests on the coffee table, turning. They begin to orbit the globe, flying about and signifying the air travel that Children’s Flight of Hope provides for children in need all over the world. 

The heartfelt voiceover ends with the statement, “No matter the miles, no matter the frequency, Children’s Flight of Hope is there.”

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