Our Story

First Bank
As part of a digital marketing and broadcast campaign, we worked with First Bank to share their heart for the Carolinas by celebrating some of their real small business clients.

First Bank has a heart for the Carolinas and they pride themselves in giving each of their customers the individual attention they need. After adding more local branches in North and South Carolina, First Bank wanted to share with their new neighbors what they are all about. Through a digital marketing and broadcast campaign, First Bank shared their story and the story of their customers.

As a part of this campaign, we collaborated with First Bank to create an inspirational story piece that highlighted the work and triumphs of small businesses across the Carolinas who found their initial funding through First Bank. We interviewed various small businesses about First Bank’s part in their journey, organized a filming schedule that took our crew from the mountains to the coast, and crafted different versions to reach their broadcast, and digital audiences.

Capturing the emotion felt by real entrepreneurs across the state, we spent time learning from and filming business owners in action. First Bank is a part of so many different communities which led us to capture a diverse range of filming subjects from restaurants, to skate parks, to hang gliding tours.

Included in First Banks ‘Our Story’ Campaign was a :30 second broadcast spot. This was shown in regional areas of the state and was designed to capture the essence of the story piece in a shorter timeframe.

While the version below was broadcast to a locals near the Kill Devil Hills location, the beauty of this approach is that any local First Bank branch has the freedom to broadcast this messaging to their own target market.

This increases the reach and use of an overarching story piece and allows regional branches to benefit from broader messaging, while maintaining consistent brand standards on a local level.

It’s special when your bank feels like your neighbor, which is why we loved highlighting how First Bank takes care of their community by supporting local businesses and creating relationships with their clients.

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