Animated Bumpers

Intrinsic Gaming
Since many streaming and video platforms put a strong emphasis on the first few seconds of content, we created this set of three bumper animations as a dynamic introduction to content, designed to draw in viewers.

There are few industries that have taken off recently quite like the gaming industry. With video games developed heavily over the latter half of the last century, they’ve grown even more rapidly in the last 30-40 years. 

Above even their development and enjoyment recreationally, the topic and implications of the video game industry have undergone a severe culture shift even during this time. 

What once was seen as a niche market is now a global and international phenomenon. 

For those who grew up in the 80s and 90s, playing video games was accepted, sometimes narrowly, as a fun and enjoyable activity. 

With the development of more and more gaming systems, the arcade shifted into the home and followed kids and teens throughout their education and ultimately, into their careers. 

Even so, compared to other ‘just for fun’ market segments, it remained a relatively niche group reserved for hobbyists. 

Many people in that demographic have strong memories of warnings from parents to not spend too much time playing video games, threats that it was melting their brains, and the general belief that it was impossible to make a living playing video games. 

Oh how the tables have turned. 

Now, there are people who play video games professionally along with full time gaming YouTubers and Twitch Streamers. It’s no longer a niche industry as the majority of kids enjoy gaming.

The gaming industry is now a massive avenue for both careers and advertising in which the possibilities are endless. 

That being said, when Intrinsic Gaming reached out wanting three animated bumpers for their YouTube and Twitch channels – we were more than excited to jump head first into this. 

We created three animations that were different but shared thematic similarities. 

 It’s exciting seeing how animation is finding its place in such a thriving and growing industry.

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