What is STEM?

Lenovo Foundation
Alongside The Lenovo Foundation, we made a VR experience to show students that many STEM career fields are full of creativity related to their hobbies and interests.

The Lenovo Foundation is dedicated to their mission and vision of Technology for All. Their passion for technology inspires them to take interest in the next generation of students. For many, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math ( STEM ) are viewed as only analytical and systematic. However, STEM fields require a large amount of passion and creativity. We collaborated with Lenovo Foundation to create a social and web video campaign to appeal to younger generations and challenge their assumptions about STEM.

Using Lenovo’s VR technology, we interviewed students about what they knew about STEM and surprised them with a virtual experience about how STEM relates to their passions. From fashion, video games, architecture and more, STEM is a part of so much of our lives. Through this campaign and the continued work of the Lenovo Foundation, students learn how STEM could lead them to work in a field related to hobbies and interests they already know and love.

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