Brand New Day | Electric Vehicles

North Carolina Electric Cooperatives
North Carolina Electric Cooperatives continues their initiative to power peoples lives, not only in their homes but now their electric vehicles as well.

Over several years, we’ve built a long standing relationship with the not-for-profit North Carolina Electric Cooperatives. Not only do they power the homes of so many residents in North Carolina, they are active members of the community in both education and work force development.

This has allowed us to capture their collaborative efforts with local schools and educators alike, including NC State’s Kenan Fellows Program. As a rule, NCEMC always looks for ways to be involved and care for their community. One of the ways they wanted to show this was their initiative to place electric vehicle charging stations throughout the state for the convenience of its citizens.

This campaign was designed to highlight how the community can rely on NCEMC to not only power their homes, but also the new era of vehicles and promote the new updates to communities all over North Carolina.

To get the word out, the :30 second and :15 second videos were released as broadcast campaigns in a number of counties all across the state. With simple branding changes for each county and related co-op, the same messaging resonated with each community while providing consistent state-wide information.

You’ll find the :30 second version featured above and the :15 second version featured below.

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