Vision 2040

RDU International Airport
Raleigh-Durham International Airport launched their Vision 2040 campaign to share their goal and vision for the future of both the airport and the surrounding Triangle community.

A center for trade, travel, and connectivity, Raleigh-Durham International airport is a hub for business and economic development.

With new growth on the horizon, the Airport Authority wanted to show the community their plans for the coming growth of the Raleigh staple. 

Not only did they want to capture the numeric facts including growth numbers and projections, they also wanted to pair that with the deeply personal aspect of their brand. 

As a city, Raleigh has continued to grow and expand significantly and steadily over recent years. Despite its growth, it’s always maintained a small town feel for such a large city in the Southeast. It’s neighboring cities of Durham and Chapel Hill contribute to this as well. With three major universities in each of these cities in the Triangle, there is both a large draw to the area and frequent travel in and out as well. 

To native residents of the area, it’s where they drive before boarding a flight to their next family vacation, where they welcome home their military loved ones, and where they send their family off during the holidays. 

To visitors, it’s where they arrive on the way to their next business meeting, where they’re kids land to pursue higher education, and where their customers’ package touches down on the way to their front door. 

This personal aspect of RDU’s brand became the heartbeat of the creative vision for this piece. 

RDU is more than just an airport. It’s a moving, breathing part of a growing community and our job was to help them show that community what they can anticipate from the airport they know and love. 

These heartfelt story aspects of their brand are present in the mother and son featured in the video, on their way to visit family. It’s also shown in the fun experience a couple shares on their next adventure as they enjoy the features and food within Terminal 2. 

The numbers and projected growth also have their time in the sun as we show the number of travelers from the previous year and digital mock ups of future construction and expansion through VFX.

Enjoy this glimpse of Vision 2040 and remember to always Fly RDU.

We also created a 30 second and then a 15 second social cuts featured below.

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