Virtual Fundraising Event

In the midst of the pandemic, SAFEchild had to quickly adjust from their annual fundraising event to a virtual event, complete with a master of ceremonies, two unique testimonials, and a number of medical and mental health professionals.

During the height of the 2020 Pandemic, SAFEchild, a local non-profit dedicated to Eliminating Child Abuse in Wake County found themselves having to ajust from their typical in-person annual fundraising luncheon. 

Their fall event typically included the rental of a large event space, a keynote speaker, and feeding around 400 people. 

When it became evident in the Spring of 2020 that this would not be possible, they began exploring other options. 

As a non-profit, their primary experience with video production were donations of services, but with the extra space in their budget from not having to rent an event space or provide lunch for guests, they made the decision to invest in the production of this virtual event. 

The entire piece was pre-recorded and consisted of an introductory countdown that welcomed viewers and informed them that the virtual event would be starting in a few moments. 

When the event began, a local news anchor served as the master of ceremonies for the event. This worked well since the non-profit serves Wake County and the anchor is such a familiar face to the area. 

He greeted viewers and introduced all the various segments of the event. 

This included parent testimonials from two different families who shared how SAFEchild gave them resources for how to relate to their children and parent with their children’s best interests in mind. 


The personal stories of Lue and Anna helped to show how much the organization affects and improves the lives of individuals in Wake County and positively impacts the next generation.

The event also included informative interviews with some SAFEchild employees and a number of medical and mental health professionals. 

Not only did this piece serve its wonderful purpose as a virtual event, but SAFEchild has been able to utilize the parent interviews at multiple events since this initial event. 

This created longevity for the piece and these cuts turned into advocacy pieces for the organization. 

This illustrates a big goal we have at Amazing Studios – multipurpose content! This strategy influences not only our approach to deliverables but also our approach to filming as well. 

We’ll often film strategically with all the deliverables in mind, this is often much more economical and allows us to capture everything that is needed for all deliverables at once, scheduling consecutive shoot days and strategically placed locations to finally assemble all deliverables for the greatest benefit to the client. 

Following this approach with this client not only benefitted them, but our community as well.

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