UNC REX Cancer Center

UNC REX Healthcare
In collaboration with marketing agency Avenir Bold, we created this 15-second broadcast spot for the brand new UNC REX Cancer Center which helps bring its patients closer to the meaningful moments in their lives with care tailored to their needs close to home.

This is one of those bittersweet projects. While we wish there wasn’t a need for a new Cancer Center in the area, we’re thankful to help get the word out about it so more people can be helped and healed through the healthcare provided there. 

With a theme of ‘closer’, we wanted to convey the importance of keeping those you love close and the support that is offered through friends and family. The Cancer Center offers support as well while helping you remain close to all the things and people you love. 

A behind-the-scenes shot of our talent who depicted our theme of ‘closeness’.

In light of this theme, we selected imagery that showed moments of closeness among all kinds of people – a reminder of the reality that cancer does not discriminate, but also that the new cancer center is ready and equipped to help anyone in any walk of life.

The final scene of the spot was crafted intentionally to show the support of a loved one while arriving at the Cancer Center.

While this would be difficult for anyone, having a kind loved one beside you would add so much comfort and peace and we wanted to capture this sweet, honest moment. 

car rig for exterior shot

This shoot required a car rig attached to the front of the vehicle, which happened to also be our client’s car! He was a very good sport about it. This allowed for several options to choose from in the editing process.

Our client, an agency creative director looks at the monitor.

After hair, makeup and wardrobe were completed, we began the process of capturing the couple’s intimate moment in the car before the wife is dropped off for her treatment. 

After wardrobe checks, our talent sits to have their makeup done to fit the lighting and layout of the scene.

Overall, while it’s a short time slot, we hope this commercial informs people of the new option for their treatment and offers a fresh look at the love and support they have from those around them. 

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