Make the Call

Wake County
We partnered with Wake County to create a video PSA to raise awareness of North Carolina’s Good Samaritan Law which protects those who call 911 even if they or a loved one are experiencing an overdose.

In North Carolina, over 1,000 people die each year from an overdose. Prescription painkillers, or opioids, are the leading cause of accidental overdose deaths in NC and these deaths are avoidable. Quick responses from medical professionals can save lives, but often the life-saving 911 call is never dialed out of fear of getting in trouble for possession of drugs or alcohol.

In response to these statistics, Wake County wanted to create a PSA campaign to encourage people, and teens in particular to call.  We knew this was an important task and serious charge with the goal to save lives.  However, PSA’s can often feel unrealistic or even cheesy which immediately disconnects viewers from the intended impact. We needed to capture the gravity of the situation while still authentically connecting with the audience. Local EMS and Police helped us paint an accurate picture from their first-hand experiences with the opioid crisis. Based on their expertise, everything from lighting, make-up, acting, set design, and cinematography was designed to feel realistic as we wanted the audience to feel as though this scene could be taking place in their community.

This project held so much weight to us because of the chance that it could save lives. With the Opioid Crisis still so prevalent, we feel honored to be a part of the conversation about opioid and overdose awareness. Learn more about the Good Samaritan law at

Special thanks to Wake County EMS , Fuquay-Varina Police Department, and Massengill Design for being a part of this production and for caring enough about North Carolina to support a creative endeavor to speak out about such an important topic.

This campaign also included a shorter :30 second social cut featured below.

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