It's Who We Are

Amazing Studios Original
We captured and gathered positive stories of resilience and service to spread some good news during the COVID 19 pandemic.

As people who love to tell meaningful stories, we were inspired by the endless ways we’ve seen people rising to lift spirits and serve others during the COVID 19 crisis. We set out to capture and collect cool stories of people, communities, organizations, and companies who have found creative ways to make a difference nationally and locally. From socially distanced visits to companies shifting production to make hand sanitizer, we loved seeing the determination of the human spirit.  Special thanks to John Krasinski at SGN for reminding us all to look for the good news around us, families for letting us into their special moments, and everyone who shared how they are spreading positivity in their own communities. 

Through generations of historical events, and even in difficulty, we have fought, persevered, and come out on the other side. This isn’t our first rodeo as the human race – and we know we’ll get through it like we always have.

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