Who We Are

After 25 years in business, we’ve learned a few things here at Amazing Studios. Creating great work and having a great time are not mutually exclusive. Consistently delivering great work is what got us this far, but life is too short not to have fun on set. We’re proud to be a veteran owned company and embody a ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality. Above it all, we value relationships. We don’t look at our work as just another project, but as an extension of an ongoing relationship with people who are passionate about what they do.

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Our Core Values


Be someone others can trust

We consistently chose to conduct ourselves and our business with the highest moral principles and professional behavior. We are transparent, honest, and ethical in our interactions with team members, clients, vendors, and the public. This willingness to do what is right, even when no one is looking, is the foundation of our core values.


Create work that sets us apart

Through teamwork and collaboration, we create original content by motivating each other. We think boldly, embrace risks, and push past creative comforts.


Always strive for greatness

When we aspire for perfection, we arrive at excellence. We evaluate our work, with a desire to grow. We are attentive to each detail, and are driven to surpass our previous accomplishments.


Stay humble

We will always have new challenges to tackle, and will always work together to find the best solution. We overcome our weaknesses through the strengths of others. We are self-aware, and carry ourselves with quiet confidence. Through our actions, we earn the trust and respect of others.


Build strong, lasting connections

Our success is measured by the strength and longevity of our relationships. Our relationships are earned by consistently demonstrating integrity, originality, excellence, and humility. These values bond team members and the clients we serve, fostering an environment of individual success and well-being.

Leadership Team

Amazing Studios was created out of Mike’s entrepreneurial spirit and his desire to create great video content that’s inspired by art and guided by purpose. With over 25 years of marketing, business development and video production experience, Mike is an award winning executive producer and an active leader in the community. He loves spending time with his family, traveling, sports and being outdoors.

Mike Cole

President & Founder

David excels at cinematography, creative strategy and in leading production teams to create the highest level content. As the Director at Amazing Studios, David leads our creative team in strategy and writing and leads the production crew to bring ideas to life. When he’s not developing the next big creative idea you can find David cheering on his hometown Phillies and the Eagles and spending time with family.

David Cook

Senior Director

With over 10 years of extensive experience in feature films, television, corporate commercials and music videos, Blake brings a vast array of knowledge and understanding to Amazing Studios. As an award winning editor and colorist, Blake leads our post production team to create video with an artful eye and a focus on color grading and data management on set. Blake is a devoted Chicago Cubs fan and a self described, heavy metal enthusiast - there’s( loud) evidence heard in the office to back it up.

Blake Godfrey

Senior Editor & Colorist

Michele ensures the practicals needed to make creative work are taken care of and all client needs and questions are answered quickly and thoroughly. From human resource management to financials, her gift for administration keep Amazing Studios running like a well oiled machine. Michele also brightens the office when she brings homemade baked goods into work- yet another way she keeps us running (to the gym).

Michele Cole

Office Administrator

Janelle brings a modern and fresh approach to Amazing Studios marketing and strategy team as she has an eye for both art and analytics. Listening to client’s needs, she works to understand their challenges and pain points, and ensures the strategy behind video campaigns aligns with their brand standards, direction, and values. When she’s not planning the next marketing campaign, you might find Janelle writing a song or playing a game of pick-up volleyball.

Janelle Hamo

Brand Communications Manager

With just 1 year of canine experience under her collar, Aspen brings 7 years of human resource experience to the team. She is curious about all things human and can greet anyone with a warm handshake upon request. When she isn't chasing anything that moves, you can find her sleeping under desks. There is no in between. A true George Costanza.


Human Resources

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