2022 Superbowl Commercials: Our Top Picks

Our 2nd annual Super Bowl Ad award show – where we analyze our favorite advertisement from the 2022 Super Bowl and what we liked about them

As a creative studio, the Super Bowl is always a fun time – not only for the game and the food but also for the ads. Ideas are at the center of what we do. We love to analyze the creative ideas that go into the…well, Super Bowl of the advertising year.

Overall, we have to say it was a year full of nostalgia. We know Super Bowl ads are usually filled with nostalgic themes but this year seemed to have more than usual in varying themes.

This leads us to our second annual summation of Super Bowl ads – our very own award show if you will.

Best Use of Nostalgia

As we mentioned earlier, this years ads were particularly nostalgic.

While we could list so many great ads that included Jim Carry’s Cable Guy, Dr. Evil, The Sopranos and more, we had to settle on a few top picks.

Coinbase Bouncing QR Code

While this could also win the award for the most genius use of marketing and the best use of budget, it had everyone at the edge of their seat waiting for the square to finally hit the corner.

In a world full of over the top ideas and oversaturation of content, it was refreshing to see a return to simplicity hear with the modern twist of a QR code.

Rocket Homes and Rocket Mortgage | Dream House with Anna Kendrick and Barbie

This commercial was the best kind of bait and switch.

With it starting out looking like a classic Barbie commercial down to the camera angles, it immediately started tugging on Millenial heartstrings.

The longer you watched, however, you started hearing all too familiar phrases in the home buying market with nods to cash offers and house flippers and ‘10k over asking’. These are about as familiar phrases among Millenials now as see ads during Saturday morning cartoons was then.

This made for a pleasant combo of feel-good nostalgia and sorrowful camaraderie about the stressful state of the housing market.

They even through in cameos of He-man and Skeletor – c’mon! The perfect closing touch.

Kevin Smith Teases Masters of the Universe News Coming This Week

Cutest Animals

We all know Budweiser could be at the top of this list every year, but this year there were a few unconventionally cute animals that we want to

‘Peggy’ The Baby Pegasus in the Zeus & Hera | BMW USA

It’s a baby pegasus. Need we say more?

Robo Dog – Kia EV6 Commercial

While cute animals are a total staple every year during the Super Bowl, we know the creation of this lil guy wasn’t simple. They nailed the combo of robot and dog with this creation down to every mannerism and tail wag.

Most Refreshing

SalesForce – Space with Matthew McConaughey

There was something about this one that was very refreshing. Don’t get us wrong – we’re all for space exploration and moving into the final frontier, but this was a good reminder to take care of all that we have here on the ground. Seeing Interstellar’s Matthew McConaughey in a spacesuit yet again highlighted the good casting choice as well.

Planters ‘Feed the Debate’

Even though this brings up some not-so-great memories of the here now – and the last several years or so – this commercial was tasteful and hilarious no matter your personal opinions. It was refreshing to see someone call out ways we can all be better when it comes to online (and in-person) differences.

Best Play on Words

Toyota – ‘The Joneses”

We have to say, this one was an extraordinarily clever play on words. A simple but effective concept!

Of course, there were so many we could add to this list. While we chose to leave movie and show trailers out of this list, we’ve got to give a few more honorary mentions:

Honorary Mentions

FTX Commercial with Larry David

With a big surge in crypto commercials this year, this was high on the list of creative ideas in that genre and very relatable for Curb Your Enthusiasm fans.

Bic Easy – Snoop Dog & Martha Stewart

While the still ad caught our eye as well, the video played to the same topic. They really said so much, without saying much at all. This is also a genius move to advertise to a valid target market without getting any calls from their legal team. Shout out to Bic’s team for successfully tapping into America’s favorite unlikely match with this one.


On that note, that concludes our analysis for this year’s ads. Let us know your favorite commercials from this year’s Super Bowl at info@amazingstudiosinc.com.

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