Creating a Lasting Impact: Video Views That Matter

Authentically connecting with your audience can create loyal brand advocates that are passionate about your message.
Why reaching the right viewers can make all the difference.

The age old quality vs. quantity debate is worth paying attention to, both in life and in business.

The question applies especially to video content and social media.

With larger audiences and new technologies, should you create videos hoping to reach everyone, or focus on growing a specific group of supporters?

Video views can be the distinguisher between good and great content, but capturing the right people’s attention will create a lasting impact.


The entertainment and marketing industries typically see viral videos as a “dream come true”. Many companies even set this as a goal, hoping that more views means more conversions.

However, most famous viral videos are not the creation of brands.

Best Viral Videos of 2018

Surprisingly, not a single video with millions of views is about a brand. Many are about music, special talents, or humorous encounters. This is not to say that brand videos can never go viral. Sometimes, brands, icons, and cultural leaders have a viral effect on the internet community. Especially when the content is notable enough to inspire shares between communities.

Videos that do good and inspire authentic stories are often rewarded with views. In fact, viral videos are able to create extremely positive cultural movements. The A.L.S. Ice Bucket Challenge raised so much awareness about the disease that viewers and participants donated over 115 million dollars to A.L.S. research.

Results of the A.L.S. Ice Bucket Challenge

The viral nature of the A.L.S ice bucket challenge was truly incredible because the challenge not only accumulated views and awareness, but created advocates.

The challenge accomplished this by:

  • bringing people together on a large scale
  • influencing them to take action
  • and encouraging them to call others into action to spread the word about A.L.S.

By taking action, the people allowed this challenge to create a real difference.

Because the movement reached the right viewers and inspired them to advocacy, the A.L.S. Ice Bucket Challenge positively impacted so many lives.


Think about your favorite brands throughout history. Certain companies built their long-lasting brands before the time of instant video marketing and content creation. A company’s culture and products become more attractive when authentic people and brands tell their story. Similarly, this genuine approach should be used in video storytelling.

Authentically connecting with the audience can create loyal brand advocates that are passionate about your message.

Success comes when companies, brands, and people plan their creative video strategies. This produces a high-quality finished product that is thought-provoking and memorable. This extra care makes all the difference in connecting with your audience and inspiring others to listen to your story.

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