Mayor Tribute

City of Lexington
Mayor Clark thought we would be filming him for a piece on the city’s economic development, but what he didn’t know was that some local business owners and community leaders were also going to be interviewed for a surprise tribute video to mark his retirement.

Newell Clark served as Mayor of the City of Lexington for over a decade and has been credited with helping Lexington bounce back – and even exceed previous successes – after some trying financial times. A charismatic, well-loved leader, the city wanted to mark the occasion of his retirement with a surprise video featuring some business owners and community leaders who wanted to say “thank you”. 

The city provided us with some suggested locations and contacts who had benefited from Mayor Clark’s initiatives and leadership. We conducted virtual site visit research and followed up with each contact to schedule and coordinate interview and b-roll sessions. After weeks of planning, the day arrived when we could get some boots on the ground to location scout and start filming!

We conducted 2-camera interviews, slow dolly slides with rails, and gathered some eye candy b-roll and drone shots. The finished product contains a lot of contrasting light and shadows, which serves as a visual metaphor of the City of Lexington coming out of the shadows of lost industry and into the light of brand new enterprises and their supportive community. 

The tribute video was shared for the first time at a live event and was received very well by auience memebers according to the client. The content has also become a part of the city’s archives.

Richard Childress gives a toast to Mayor Newell Clark

The following businesses were represented in this video, showing their appreciation of the Mayor’s dedication to Lexington.

  • Lexington BBQ
  • Emmanuel Baptist Church
  • Goose and the Monkey Brewhouse
  • Bull City Ciderworks
  • Shook Kelley (architectural firm based in Charlotte, NC)
  • Red Donut Shop
  • Childress Vineyards (owned by former NASCAR driver Richard Childress)
Production Credits

Executive Producer | Mike Cole

Creative Director | Adam Hofmann

Director of Photography | Derek DeStefano

V/O Script Writer | Adam Hofmann

Sound Engineer | Kenny Conyers

Production Coordinator & Project Manager | Hannah E. N. Kennedy 

Post Production Editor | Derek DeStefano & Adam Hofmann

Colorist | Derek DeStefano

Post Audio | Adam Hofmann & Derek DeStefano

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