Brand Piece

HiFi Agency
This high-energy brand piece is filled with personality and good vibes, while showcasing what sets HiFi Agency apart from the rest: culture and creativity.

HiFi Agency specializes in financial Marketing for Banking and Fintech. Always seeking out bold clients who are ready to take their content to new heights, they care deeply about their culture. 

Their creativity and culture are what set them apart from so many other marketers in the financial space and both are major values for them.

These were major themes in the making of this brand piece – also meant to help recruit new talent to their growing team. 

HiFi wanted the video to capture the progression of an idea from conception to completion and show ‘how they work’ to accomplish their goals. 

When brainstorming the creative direction, we know visuals would be key. They are a very design focused company and have high-standards for their own client work – of course, what they release themselves should have the same standard. 

Our team knew that a high-energy yet casual feel would help accomplish HiFi’s content goals. With handheld filming and a lot of camera movement, we showed their team at work – clearly enjoying what they do every step of the way. 

To showcase their remote-first approach, we also portrayed a meeting with a virtual attendee – still bringing the same energy and drive that they would to an in-person meeting. 

Paired with engaging voice-over that conveys their brand values, this piece is sure to draw in the perfect talent to their team and show prospective clients what they can expect from working with HiFi.

HiFi was also and extremely trusting client. With experience in an agency setting, they truly trusted us with their content. Once the creative direction was established, they let us work our magic and ended up loving the final cut.

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