Think TPA

Hillsborough County Aviation Authority
Tapping into their history while embracing all the best of modern technology, Tampa International Airport is unmatched in their customer service – going above and beyond to create a positive experience for its travelers.

Project Details and Goals

Desiring a warm and nostalgic extension of a previous campaign, Hillsborough County Aviation Authority (TPA) wanted to capture their history while showing all they have to offer in the modern age. 

With roots in the 1960s, Tampa International Airport still values the customer-centric approach from an age of travel filled with fresh excitement. 

Knowing they had several deliverables in mind, we set out to capture their vision and set them up with everything they needed for a 3-year digital ad buy. 

For the past two years in a row, TPA has won #1 in Customer Satisfaction. This being something they wanted to promote, we created a second deliverable for each cut, one with graphics about the award and one without. This allowed them to have options to choose from even after delivery. 

The counterpart to the video at the top of this case study, this full length piece features TPA’s JD Power Awards.
A cut down of the full-length version at the top of this case study, this 15-second piece still has the same nostalgic feel, but at a very popular length for digital ads.
An almost identical cut to the above 15-second, this version features the airports recent awards for Customer Satisfaction.
Another popular length for digital ads, this 6-second version keeps things short and sweet, still matching the creative direction of the rest of the campaign.
Almost identical to the above 6-second cut down, this version features the airport’s JD Power Awards for Customer Service.

Creative Concepting & Execution

With vintage aviation footage and audio, we opened the full-length cut with a flashback to the early days of air travel, ending with a couple in black and white that fades into color. 

At first, you think it’s a couple from the 1960s, when the airport first started, but as the color fades in, you realize they are a couple enjoying a flight during modern times. 

As the couple turns to peer out the window, you see the window open. The camera zooms in as the screen fades to white- transitioning to existing footage from the airport and eye-catching graphics. 

In order to achieve the captivating scene from the intro, we actually created the window with computer generated imagery (CGI). This allowed us to get the exact angle and look we needed to match the footage of the couple looking out their window. 

We were happy to send over all the deliverables our client needed to being their 3-year ad buy, encouraging even more people to FLY TPA and enjoy such great service!

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