Work Based Learning

This engaging animation details the purpose and importance of work-based learning to help students determine the career field that suits them best.

Work-based learning brings the classroom to the workplace and the workplace to the classroom. It’s revolutionizing the way students discover their passions. By connecting the high school experience to the world of work, students discover career opportunities they never knew existed.

This animation from NAF educates the public on the importance and benefit of work-based learning.

With so many choices and options in the workplace, students often feel overwhelmed with the decision ahead of them.

Work-based learning allows them to test out certain career fields to see if they will be a good fit before committing completely to the career.

This also helps students gain valuable real-world experience and build their resumes at a young age, increasing their skill set and chances of investing in a fulfilling career in the future.

It also serves as a pipeline for employers to train and vet potential talent. If a student seems to be a good fit for the career field, the company may invest more time and energy to continue to develop interns, training them in the skills they need to thrive in that career field.

These are just some of the ways NAF helps students #BeFutureReady.

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