Kenan Fellows Program

North Carolina Electric Cooperatives
The North Carolina Electric Cooperative partners with NC State’s Kenan Fellows Program to give teachers real-world experience that they can bring into their classrooms.

NC State’s Kenan Fellows program pairs teachers with local industries, giving them real-world, hands-on experience that they can then implement in their classrooms. One of the longstanding relationships they’ve fostered is with the North Carolina Electric Cooperatives.

Over the years, several passionate teachers continue their own education through shadowing and training with linemen all over the state.

We’ve captured several teachers’ stories who have participated in the program and each story shares similar passion and excitement. The hands-on experience only increases the teachers passion for their subject matter.

It allows them to step back into the classroom ready to share how the subject matter they teach has practical real-world application. It also inspires students toward exciting career paths that would benefit their future as well as their community.

The teacher story featured above partners with Union Power Cooperative and includes the perspective of several stakeholders: both from the Kenan Fellows Program and the Electric Cooperative, as well as the teacher.

Similar partnerships happen all over the state. Watch more teacher stories below!

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