Morrisville Transportation

Town of Morrisville
The Town of Morrisville wanted to update their citizens on their ongoing efforts to improve the transportation in their community in a fun and engaging way.

One of the reasons we love building relationships with our clients is so that, if and when they need a new project, we can all pick up where we left off. We’re already familiar with their brand voice, their previous projects, and their ongoing goals. It makes for a seamless experience instead of treating our work and their work like a one time transaction. 

Stemming from their previous project dedicated to Morrisville Carpenter Road, the Town of Morrisville wanted to give another update to their residents about the status of the road construction to ultimately improve mobility and ease of transportation. 

Knowing exactly where they were coming from based on their last project, we brainstormed with them on some fresh ideas for how to continue this conversation with their residents. We landed on a fun and unique creative concept!

We used an abstract animation to make the content fun, memorable, and shareable! Complete with cute characters, excellent voice over, and fun music, this was the best, most enjoyable way to share about traffic updates.

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