Progress & Vision Campaign

Town of Knightdale
We designed this series to communicate the growth the Town of Knightdale has experienced over the last 5 years and communicate its vision and excitement for the next 5 years.

We’ve always enjoyed working with the Town of Knightdale over the years and were excited when they came to us with the desire to create a video or a series of videos that could communicate – to both current Knightdale residents as well as those considering moving into the area –  their Progress & Vision.

For Knightdale, Progress means what’s been accomplished already (community growth, economic development, etc.). Vision refers to what they hope to see, and what’s already in the works, in the future of the town. 

The town wanted to focus on the following six specific areas of growth, each given their own vignette: 

Economic Development

Increased Diversity


Public Safety

Residential Development

Retail Development

The creative direction for this campaign was rooted in the beauty of Knightdale.

It is a very aesthetic town- in both its retail and residential architecture as well as the natural foliage of sprawling parks and outdoor event spaces.

But beyond the surface, the town is also very proud of its citizens and all the lovely things they have started in their community.

We felt that the best way to paint the full picture of Knightdale was to pair audio-only interviews with pleasing visuals, as if the voices of the people are really the soundtrack for the town itself- they are the progress and vision that makes Knightdale such a beautiful place to call home. 

The Town truly lives up to their tagline of ‘Start Something’ by creating an environment for entreprenuers and new businesses to thrive. The following local businesses were represented throughout the videos, including famous Prime Barbecue. Owner Christopher Prieto is heard praising the Town’s support of local businesses.

The following businesses are represented in this campaign.

  • First and Main
  • Cake Town Bakery
  • Oak City Brewing
  • Prime BBQ
  • Camp Gladiator
  • Qwik Pack and Ship
  • Harper Park (this was a big filming location, but it’s not a business, so we can cut it)
Production Credits

Executive Producer | Mike Cole

Creative Director | Adam Hofmann

Director of Photography | Derek DeStefano

Production Coordinator & Project Manager | Hannah E. N. Kennedy

Post Production Editor & Colorist | Tyler Church

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