Ocean Isle Style

Lewis Advertising & Town of Ocean Isle

With many families booking their summer vacations around the holidays, we filmed these spots just in time for our client’s scheduled campaign. It offers a creative play on words, inviting travelers to get away from pandemic-induced work stress and escape to Ocean Isle Beach.


Color Grading
Costuming & Props
Production Planning
Sound Design


Our friends over at Lewis Advertising came to us with an initial concept for their client's summer campaign, looking to bring it to life through several 15-second videos. 

In the midst of work stress, virtual meetings, and burnout from the pandemic, they wanted to position Ocean Isle Beach as the perfect summer getaway for some rest and recreation.

With plenty of room to social distance, Ocean Isle Beach is a great place for families to get away from it all while still offering the open spaces many people were looking for.

Our job was to portray the beauty of Ocean Isle and show what sets it apart, all within a few 15-second shorts. We ended up with seven shorts total. Below are six additional shorts in addition to the one listed at the top of this Case Study. 

Ocean Isle Style - Visually capturing your client’s competitive advantage

The title of the campaign doesn’t include the word ‘style’ just ’ because the campaign slogan was‘Ocean Isle Style’, but also because we made some very specific stylistic choices.

One of these choices is the unique sound design of the campaign. We intentionally included a very calming sound design that captures the easy-going, laid-back lifestyle visitors enjoy at Ocean Isle.

With no dialogue and just the soundscape of each location, each video transports the audience to the location, helping them see themselves enjoying the leisurely activities that Ocean Isle has to offer. 

This was also a subtle way to promote one of Ocean Isle’s major Competitive Advantages. There are plenty of beaches on the North Carolina Coast, but Ocean Isle wanted to set itself apart from the loud, busy, mini-golf-filled beach culture that can be found at some of their competitor’s locations- not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Another aspect of the creative direction was the clever play on words in each video. Each spot included a text graphic that correlated to a common buzzword or task from the corporate world - both before and during the pandemic. 

This project included some early call times and risky camera angles. We chased the sunrise both days on this 2-day shoot. For our fishing scene from ‘Online Chat’, we hooked our ronin & camera to a jib and dangled them over the ocean. We even rolled that same jib out onto the beach for another scene. 

Our drone came in handy as we flew it low over the Intracoastal Waterway to capture some kayaking for the ‘Streaming’ visual.  

Overall, we worked hard to make each 15-second piece look simple and relaxing even in the throws of some very busy shoot days. 

Our client was thrilled to release them in the fall and into the holidays to help book out the following summer and we hope all those who vacation there enjoy their stay  Ocean Isle Style. 

The name says it all! The team at Amazing delivers at EVERY point in the process - from strategy and planning to execution. They bring a wealth of experience, knowledge, creativity and professionalism to every project. As an agency partner, they made our job so much easier by strengthening our ideas and delivering an end product that exceeded our clients' expectations. I highly recommend Amazing Studios to any business or agency that is looking to take its next video project to the next level.

Thomas Zawistowicz

Vice President

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