NC Freedom Park

Perkins + Will
These videos helped to cast the vision for Downtown Raleigh’s newest park: North Carolina Freedom Park. Now open, it serves as a symbol of black history in the community and a beacon of a brighter future.

Now a permanent landmark in Downtown Raleigh, NC Freedom Park will be a beacon of hope and remembrance in the community for years to come. 

Designed by the late Phil Freelon, the park is the legacy of the same architect who led the design team of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African-American History and Culture. 

At the time of filming, construction of the park had not even broke ground yet. Architectural design firm Perkins + Will came to us wanting to create video content that would cast the vision of the future park. 

We ultimately created two videos. One was a meaningful piece entitled ‘Footsteps’. The more creative concept of the two, this piece embodies the heart and soul behind the park. 

It follows two children, who represent the future generation, walking through the future site of the park. They’re guided by the voices of visionaries of the past who have paved the way for their future.

We used special effects to symbolize the ‘footsteps’ that this next generation walks in. 

At one point, we see them observing the site of the park before construction began and then see the vision of what it looks like now that it is completed.

The other video, no less meaningful, features an interview with the late Phil Freelon. He describes his vision for the park and the importance of having a site like this in Downtown Raleigh. 

Throughout each video, we animated 3D renderings of the park to cast the vision for how it would appear in its final location in Downtown Raleigh. 

While he was unfortunately unable to see the finished result of his work, the park stands tall as a part of his incredible legacy.

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