Triangle J Council of Governments (TJCOG)
This informative animation about Stormwater informs the public about common stormwater pollutants and shows alternative options of waste disposal that are better for the environment.

This colorful and engaging animation helps to educate the public on the dangers of stormwater pollution and offers safer options for the environment. The full-length cut (shown above) shares a comprehensive look at the most common pollutants.

We also created specific stand-alone cuts that highlight each individual pollutant, listed below: 

Yard Waste
Household Chemicals
Vehicle Maintenance
Litter and Trash

‍‍This Spanish version has also been extremely helpful in the Triangle Community, ensuring that this important environmental messaging is accessible to all audiences.

‍‍While creating this piece, we also created an infographic also used for educational material. As we’ve continued our relationship with the client, we’ve been told several times that they use these resources all the time, even years after their initial creation.

This is always exactly what we want to hear as we strive to make sure that evergreen content is truly evergreen and can help inform audiences for years to come, especially about such an important topic!

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