RTI International - Education & Workforce Development
We worked collaboratively with RTI to create a video that would abstractly showcase the limitless possibilities of their research through custom set & prop design, practical effects, and post-production VFX.

RTI International has a 55-year history as an independent nonprofit scientific research and development institute. The work of RTI makes an impact all over the globe as they keep their clients informed with data-backed findings in fields ranging from genetic screening to artificial intelligence.

The Educational & Workforce Development team at RTI wanted a creative way to inform current and new clients about how they can benefit from their research and data. Working together, we brainstormed with RTI some of the most interesting ways their research has been used, and how we could best translate that to their audience who may not be familiar with many of the technical details of their work. We chose an abstract art direction to take a broad concept and convey the emotion and the limitless possibilities RTI’s research offers. The focal point of the concept centered around a custom prop, representing 8 key areas of expertise that RTI assists in research.

This object begins simple and straightforward, and as it is passed along to the different RTI areas, each person adds a specialized element representing their added potential. Using a combination of practical and digital effects we created an art piece that would allow RTI’s audience to visualize the complexity of their work and encourage others to become a part of RTI’s work.

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